Dinner's Done Personal Chef Service 
Serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties and surrounding areas

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Chef Rich Baringer
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Not only does Dinner's Done Personal Chef Service help to make your busy life less stressful by planning, shopping for and cooking your meals, but the meals are awfully good, too!

Here are just some of the comments that I've gotten from clients about meals that I've made for them:

"I've never considered myself much of a rib person, but that has definitely changed.  They're delicious!

"I really had a blast eating your meals!"

"We had the Chicken de Paola last night for dinner with veggie rice.  It was exquisite!!!  The chicken was very moist and tender and the filling was delicious.  P is not a huge fan of spinach, but he even said that it was wonderful with the other flavors.  The rice was very light and fluffy.  Portions were very generous.  What a nice treat to have a wonderful dinner without going out and without me cooking. 

"That shrimp is *%^&$#^ing great!  We've had it at least 5 times!"

"We felt like we were eating in a restaurant!  A 10!"

"It seems you were no sooner out the door when we said, 'Let's eat the chicken'--and we did!  We found that one breast was enough for the two of us (so now we have extra meals).  We loved it--the chicken was wonderful and the stuffing fabulous.  And the carrots were also delicious (more flavor than any carrots I've ever made).

"The Tarragon Chicken was fabulous!  Best chicken I've ever had, really!"

"That was the best salmon I've ever had!"

"We had the shrimp and asparagus over the weekend.  It was exquisite.  I was impressed by your blends of flavor with the artichokes, capers, basil, etc.  They complimented the shrimp without overpowering.  The portions were very generous."

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