Dinner's Done Personal Chef Service 
Serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties and surrounding areas

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Chef Rich Baringer
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Personal Chef Services

I offer two kinds of standard Personal Chef Services:  Entrées and Side Dishes (sides added to Entrées where appropriate) and Entrée-Only services (for those who don't mind providing their own side dishes).


Entrée and Side Dish Service
5 Entrées/4 servings each    $350 + groceries    ($25 discounts apply*)
4 Entrées/4 servings each    $280 + groceries    ($20 discounts apply*)
3 Entrées/4 servings each    $210 + groceries    ($20 discounts apply*)
2 Entrées/4 servings each    $140 + groceries    ($10 discounts apply*)

Entrée-Only Service
5 Entrées/4 servings each    $280 + groceries    ($20 discounts apply*)
4 Entrées/4 servings each    $225 + groceries    ($20 discounts apply*)
3 Entrées/4 servings each    $170 + groceries    ($10 discounts apply*)
2 Entrées/4 servings each    $120 + groceries    ($10 discounts apply*)

There is no change to the fee for a different amount of servings (from 2 to 6).  The client's change in cost will be reflected in the grocery cost.

*These discounts go to first-time clients.  Also, if you refer me to someone who uses my service, you'll get a referral discount in that amount on your next service.


Take a little bit of stress out of your holiday schedule and have Dinner's Done help you get a terrific meal on your holiday table--with your sanity intact!

I will make you delicious side dishes to go with your holiday meal.  Most can be made ahead of time and frozen.  Then you simply need to thaw and reheat for your dinner--saving you loads of time. 

Just imagine how much more relaxed you'll be being able to serve dishes that you didn't have to plan, shop for or cook.  (You can even tell your guests that you made them--your secret's safe with me!)

Isn't it time you gave yourself a special holiday gift?  Here's your chance to give yourself something that you can really use!

Other services

Are you interested in throwing a party, but just don't want to prepare a bunch of food?  Let me know what you have in mind. 

Have some friends over for a fun appetizer party.  Treat your significant other to an intimate dinner for two.  Do you like chocolate?  Cheese?  Bacon?  Have a food theme party!

I'll help you throw a shindig to remember!

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